DEWS Screencast DEWS Screencast

Following movie showcases the DEWS Command and Control User Interface (CCUI) of the National Centres (NC) prototypes for Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka as well as the National Centre communication via the DEWS Wide Area Centre (WAC) CCUI.

Some audio and text information will be available soon ...



During our visist at the European Crisis Management Laboratory at JRC in Italy we demonstrated the capabilities of our system with a scenario of the TRIDEC project. This short sequence shows the CCUI running at the high-res video wall in the Crisis Lab:

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The open sensor platform: OGC services provides standardized interfaces for linking high quality upstream information

The Command and Control User Interface (CCUI): Task-oriented support system for monitoring, forecast analysis and dissemination of tailored warning messages

Simulation integration: Automatic identification of affected areas with estimated arrival time and maximum inundation height