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Seminar on ORCHESTRA & S@NY at Atos Origin in Madrid - 18-20 Jan. 2010

The ORCHESTRA architecture was presented in a 3-day training seminar with 3 objectives:

•    learn about the main results of S@NY (especially sensor network architecture and UAA services – related to security)

•    train DEWS partners on the latest architectural developments of S@NY

•    train DEWS partners on the use of UAA (security) services (which has been identified by our INCO users as a priority). UAA training would include practical, hands-on, examples

- Orchestra revisited
- RM-OA & What is Orchestra Compliance?
- The SANY Project & the relation to Orchestra
- SANY Architecture - Sensor Service Architecture
- Orchestra Extensions
- SANY Pilots & Applications
- SANY OGC Activities
- SANY tangible results (Discussion - Dews)
- SOA Security
- Security in Orchestra (UAA) and beyond
- SANY Security - The Charon Access Control Framework
- Knowing the Charon infrastructure
- Protecting a Service
- XACML & Policies
- Access Control for DEWS Services

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