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CCUI test run at JRC European Crisis Management Laboratory

In the context of the TRIDEC project the Command and Control User Interface (CCUI) was tested at the Joint Research Centre (JRC), located in Ispra (Italy), in the European Crisis Management Laboratory. It acts as a research, development and test facility for ICT focused solutions, integrating devices, applications, and crisis management related information sources to support crisis management needs such as threats analysis, common situation awareness, and collaborative decision making.

The JRC Crisis Management Laboratory is equipped with a 15m² large video wall and it was quite impressive to the CCUI running there.

The video wall at JRC. The right half is filled with the CCUI showing a tsunami scenario for the eastern Mediterranean area. This scenario has been developed in the context of the TRIDEC project. The left side of the video wall is filled with the Tsunami Analysis Tool (TAT), a product of JRC/CRITECH.

Close-up of the CCUI. The scenario shows an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.5 eastward of Crete. Below the video wall the Tsunami Alerting Device informs about a real 4.7 earthquake which occurred in the meantime.

A short sequence of the CCUI. It shows the classification of Turkish administrative units on the basis of wave propagation forecasts.

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