DEWS Knowledge Base DEWS Knowledge Base

The DEWS Knowledge Platform is the vocational instruction platform necessary to develop human resources in for the work with the system. Some learning modules have already been created in form of word/pdf documents and HTML-websites for e-learning. These modules are for application in courses, for blended learning and for self-teaching via the internet. Training units of diverse nature (technical, methodological, etc.) will be provided to partners within the project and partly to interested parties not belonging to the consortium. While the single parts of the platform are compiled by the ICPC partners, delivery of basic materials and data as well as the overall coordination is carried out by Germany's National Research Centre for Geosciences (Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ).

The main components of the DEWS Knowledge Platform are:

  1. Sensor systems
  2. Components and Architecture of the DEWS
  3. Tsunami Service Bus, Command and Control User Interface (CCUI), and Dissemination

Modular material packages will for instance include the issues:

  • Introduction to Natural Disasters and Disaster Mitigation
  • Sensor systems for Tsunami Early Warning Systems
  • Common Alerting Protocol and EDXL
  • Modelling of Software Intensive Systems
  • Modelling of Tsunami Propagation
  • The DEWS Tsunami Service Bus

Other issues are:

  • Components of the Distant Early Warning System
  • System Architecture of the DEWS
  • Strong Motion data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Modelling and Decision Support e.g. CCUI