DEWS Professional Education DEWS Professional Education

The implementation of a professional education scheme for early warning systems engineering defines a main pillar for the implementation of DEWS early warning. The goal of this task is to prepare for the installation of a joint international tertiary education for curriculum for early warning system engineers and managers, and to prepare conceptual papers as well as curricular materials in a modular form.

As early warning systems for tsunami essentially are reacting to geological processes and encompass technical systems on land, in the sea, and in the outer space of the Earth, it is indispensable to postulate a step forward in order to reach the DEWS specific goals. No professional discipline has been assigned or proposed to overview, construct, design, implement and maintain early warning systems for earthquakes and tsunami hitherto. For the enduring success of the DEWS venture, this step is urgently required.
As a means of DEWS long term implementation, a professional education scheme is envisaged and is prepared, in order to bring it on its way and to provide the base for the necessary external funding applications (e.g. Asia‐Link). In parallel, it has – besides English – to be set up in the main languages of the participating ICPC, which are Bahasa, Thai, Sinhala and Tamil.