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Scientific and Technical Poster Session

The Tsunami Service Bus (TSB), an integration platform for heterogeneous sensor systems
Häner, R, Kriegel, U., Fleischer, J. Herrnkind, S., Wächter, J. (GFZ)

GRASS Development with Eclipse/CDT in the Distant Early Warning System (DEWS) Project
Peter Löwe (former GFZ)

Leveraging Femtocells for Dissemination of Early Warning Messages
Edward Mutafungwa (TKK)

Tsunami hazard assessment and early warning systems for the North East Atlantic
Finn Løvholt (NGI)
2004 Boxing Day Tsunami - Sri Lanka`s worst natural disaster
Sarath Weerawarnakula (UNIV-M)

The necessity of an Early Warning System in Sri Lanka
S.W.M. Seneviratne (GSMB)

Natural Hazards Preparedness (NDWC)